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  • Maximum number of outdoor units connectable: 4
  • Maximum total power of the system: 200 kW
  • Maximum number of indoor units connectable: 64
  • DC Inverter Compressor + Scroll Constant Compressor, highly efficient at low rotation frequencies
  • R410A HFC refrigerant
  • Fan with direct current motor that allows a consumption reduction of about 50% and a speed modulation up to 16 steps in spite of the usual 4 steps of the alternate current motors; this performance increases the efficiency of the thermodynamic system which is able to best adapt to the variations of temperature and thermal load of the rooms
  • The use of a special oil sensor allows, for the first time in the world, to keep under control the lubrication of the mechanical parts of the compressor
  • Special air intakes allowed to unify the dimensions of the units, making easier the closing up for multiple installations in which two units can be placed at a distance of only 20 cm one from the other, the smaller distance available
  • Low sound level thanks to a special fan made of resin and a particular resin grille, designed and used for these units in order to minimize air pressure drops
  • New high efficient heat exchanger with three-way suction, divided in two sections with double control of defrosting cycle
  • Pressure control automatic and by software on PC
  • Equipped with fault-tolerant system granting in multiple installations the operation of the air conditioning system even in case of total stop of one condensing unit
  • Support to long-life system that, in multiple installations, allows a cyclic use of the condensing units, granting a balance of the compressors activity
  • Wide range of outdoor air temperature: from –5 °C до +48 °C in cooling mode and from –20 °C до +27 °C in heating mode
  • Maximum length of the refrigerant circuit extended to 500 m
  • The refrigerant circuit doesn’t require distribution apparatus downstream of the unit as it can be realized with a tree structure using only the special distributor accessories; this feature facilitates any type of system widening, by adding both outdoor and indoor units
  • Three-phase auto sense power supply 380–415/3N/50Hz

Technical Data

Outdoor units 2-Way Systems Castle series RVR-C-Im335-D2
Cooling/Heating capacity kW 33,50 / 37,50
EER/COP (kW/kW) 3,64/3,98
Air flowrate (h.) m³/h 13000
Sound pressure level dB(А) 60
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 3/380-415/50
Running consumption (cooling/heating) kW 9,20 / 9,40
Running current A 16,50 / 16,80
Compressor type   DC Inverter + Scroll Constant
Refrigerant type   R410A
Liquid pipe diameter mm (inch") 12,70 (1/2")
Gas pipe diameter (suction) mm (inch") 28,57 (1 1/8")
Diameter of balancing pipe mm (inch") 12,70 (1/2")
Max. pipe length m 300
Gas standard charge Kg 15
Operating limits (cooling/heating) °C -5 ~ +48 / -20 ~ +27
Capacity ratio of indoor unit to outdoor unit % 50-130
Max. number of connectable indoor units no. 16
Max. height between units (outdoor on top) m 50
Max. height between units (indoor on top) m 40
Net weight outdoor Kg 350
Net dimension outdoor (H./W./D) mm 1670x1340x770

Optional Equipment