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  • Wall-mounted indoor unit for Mini Castle and Castle VRF DC Inverter systems
  • Streamlined design including integrated thermostatic valve for spaces without ceiling
  • Anti cool air design. When heating in winter, intelligent anti cool air function is started. Unit only blows when inside the unit is pre-heated to prevent cool air from blowing out.
  • Vertical auto swing. When cooling, cool air is directed across the room and then sinks. When heating, warm air is directed across the floor and then rises.
  • The front grille can be easily removed for washing
  • Advanced irregular-distance mixed flow fan. The operation is highly efficient and noise is lower.
  • Auto clean. After unit off with ON/OFF button, the indoor fan would still operate in low speed to ventilate and dry the inner components and parts to prevent mould and odor growing
  • Ternary air filters with anti-mildew, static electric dust capture and anti-bacterial function

Technical Data

Wall-mounted indoor units CASTLE series RVR-C-W36-E
Features units Cooling Heating
Cooling/Heating capacity kW 3.6 4.0
BTU/h 12300 13650
kcal/h 3100 3450
Air flowrate indoor m³/h 630
Sound pressure level (h/m/l) dB(А) 41/35/29
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 1/220-240/50
Running consumption кВт 20
Refrigerant type   R410A
Liquid pipe diameter mm (inch") 6.35(1/4")
Gas pipe diameter mm (inch") 12.70(1/2")
Net weight indoor Kg 13
Net dimension indoor (H./W./D) mm 940x200x298

Optional Equipment