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  • Ducted indoor unit for Mini Castle и Castle VRF systems with DC inverter compressor
  • Highly flexible installation is possible due to various connection options
  • Flexible and easy to install in type-L, type-U and large rooms
  • Fresh air function option for 5,6 kW and above units
  • Drain pump lift reaches 1000 mm
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long life washable filter with buckles can be easily disassembled from each direction
  • Compact size was achieved by significantly reducing the width of the outdoor units
  • Higher ESP and lower noise
  • Key-card control

Technical Data

Duct indoor units CASTLE series RVR-C-D36-E
Features units Cooling Heating
Cooling/Heating capacity kW 3.60 4.20
BTU/h 12300 14300
kcal/h 3100 3600
Air flowrate indoor m³/h 570
External static pressure (min-max) mm W. G. 20-50
Sound pressure indoor at ducts exit dB(А) 39
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 1/220-240/50
Running consumption W 80
Refrigerant type   R410A
Liquid pipe diameter mm (inch") 6.35 (1/4")
Gas pipe diameter mm (inch") 9.52(3/8")
Net weight indoor Kg 30.5
Net dimension indoor (H./W./D) mm 880x665x300

Optional Equipment