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Radiant panels

ROVER represents new range of infra red radiant panel – innovative room heating system.

ROVER infra red heater consists of a flat panel fixed in an aluminum frame with a powder coating. Inside the panel a heating element is placed – thin mesh membrane, made on the base of composite carbon fiber that is placed between several layers of special polyester film. The radiant panel can be placed on a horizontal surface or mounted on the wall/ceiling directly in the heated room.

The working principle of ROVER radiant panels is based on the electromagnetic waves that are classified as infra red by wavelength and frequency. It means that ROVER radiant panels work like the sun’s rays that heat the earth. The infra red rays are absorbed by the surfaces in the room that slowly warms up and then releases the stored heat by means of conduction and convection raising the ambient air temperature. People and other objects also directly absorb radiant energy and are quickly warmed by the infrared rays. That’s why ROVER radiant panels will make you feel like standing in the sun on a summer day.


ROVER radiant panels can be used as main or additional heating sources. ROVER radiant panels provide high heating capacity featuring low energy consumption. The possibility to heat the object directly without need to heat the full air volume allow to save up to 70% of electrical power comparing with usual convectors. In standard version ROVER infra red heaters are supplied with white front panel. On request the front panel can be decorated with a picture or your own photo.


Technical Data

 Параметры  IR3600  IR4800 IR5400 IR6000 IR7200
 Параметры электросети,Ф/В/Гц  ~1/220-240/50  ~1/220-240/50  ~1/220-240/50  ~1/220-240/50  ~1/220-240/50
 Потребляемая мощность,Вт  300-400 500-600 600-700 800-850 850-950
 Теплопроизводительность,Вт  600-800 1000-1200 1200-1400 1600-1700 1700-1900
 Максимальная температура нагрева панели поверхности,С  70-90 80-100 90-100 100-110 110-120
 Степень защиты  IP22  IP22  IP22  IP22  IP22
 Класс защиты II
 Нагревательный элемент  Карбоновое волокно
 Материал корпуса  Высокопрочный пластик
 Габаритные размеры,мм  600х600х25 600х800х25 600х900х25 600х1000х25 600х1200х25
 Рамеры упаковки,мм  650х650х55  650х850х55 650х950х55 650х1050х55 650х1250х55
 Масса (нетто/брутто),кг  3,5/4,5 4,5/5,6 5,5/6,7 6,5/7,5 7,5/9,2
 Рекомендуемая площадь обогреваемого помещения,м2  8 12 14 17 20


Optional Equipment