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23MK series

The ROVER 23MK series air handling units are designed to provide comfort climate conditions in hotels, commercial buildings, shopping malls and office buildings and ensure quality air filtration as well as excellent thermo-hygrometric conditions of the air that are absolutely vital for all critical buildings like hospitals and clean rooms as well as for many industrial processes. The 23MK series is developed in modular concept and may be supplied with any sort of section to satisfy, according to the project requirements, all types of applications for ventilation, filtering, heating, cooling and humidity control.

The ROVER standard AHU’s are designed for indoor installation with the following connection directly to the central air duct system. Although outdoor versions and special hygienic units for medical centers and clean rooms are also available on request.

General features of 23MK series:

  • Air flow range – from 900 to 100 000 m3/h (up to 150 000 m3/h available on request)
  • Static pressure supplied by the fans – up to 2500 Pa
  • On request units with air flow or static pressure out of standard ranges are also available
  • Modular structure composing of separate functional and constructive sections
  • 44 sizes: 28 main sizes and 16 additional (with reduced height)
  • Flexible design for each size
  • Wide variety of different sections
  • Sandwich type panels thickness – 60 mm
  • Panels insulated with injected polyurethane or mineral wool
  • Different types of heating coils – water, steam, electrical.
  • For the unit protection and regulation of the working parameters the automatic control system is provided.
  • Selection software available
  • The units are delivered quickly and in a ready-to-run condition

Optional Equipment