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The Fresh series split systems offer reliable and powerful air conditioners on an affordable price. The effective air distribution is provided by the multi speed fan and automatic swing louvers that ensure the pleasant cool without draughts.

The low noise indoor units featuring the “Comfort sleep” function are silent as a whisper and would provide perfect conditions for your night rest.

The efficiency of the air conditioners is confirmed in accordance with the European 2004/108/EC standard and matches the A class.

The Fresh series air conditioners feature a special 6 years warranty.

Cooling capacity – from 2,2 to 6,2 kW
COP – 3,61
Compact design
Energy consumption in the OFF status – 1 W
Set of different filters included

Fresh series functions:

  • Cooling / heating / Dehumidifying
  • Turbo mode
  • Comfort sleep
  • Timer
  • Clock
  • Automatic operation
  • Intelligent defrosting
  • Warm start
  • Auto restart
  • Self cleaning
  • Self diagnostic

Technical Data

Features - set -
Capacity cooling W 2200
heating W 2300
Power supply ~ (220±10%) V, 50 Hz
Power input cooling W 685
heating W 637
Rated current A 5.6
EER/COP 3.21/3.61
Energy efficiency class A/A
Airflow volume m3/h 400
Sound pressure level (L) indoor unit dB (A) 27
outdoor unit dB (A) 50
Refrigerant type R410A
Refrigerant weight** Kg 0.61
Refrigerant pipe features pipe diameter liquid 1/4"
gas 3/8"
max pipe length m 15
max height*** m 5
Drain outlet mm Ø 16 (ext. diameter)
Current circuit breaker*** rated current A 10
Network cable (indoor) n x mm² 3x1,5
Cables between units 5x1,5
Net dimension (H x W x D) indoor unit mm 730x255x184
outdoor unit mm 720x428x310
Outdoor unit installation dimension mm 440x286
Weight indoor unit Kg 8
outdoor unit Kg 22

*Amount of refrigerant is specified for pipe length up to 5m. If pipe is longer, you should top the air conditioner up.
** Based on: 20 g for 1 m of the liquid pipe for the models with 2,0 and 2,6 kW capacity and 30 g for 1m for the models with over 3,2 kW capacity.
*** Cutoff current over 7 In (In - rated current), leakage current up to 30мА, type "С"
Serial installation of current circuit breaker and residual current device is allowed.

Data shown in this table is valid for the temperature conditions accroding to ISO 5151-94:
— cooling mode inside 27 °С (DB)/19 °C (WB), outside 35 °С (DB)/24 °C (WB)
— heating mode inside 20 °С (DB)/15 °C (WB), outside 7 °С (DB)/6 °C (WB)

Optional Equipment