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Main sections for 23MK series

Cooling section Water coils Direct expansion coils

Heating section
Water and steam coils
Electrical heaters with thermal protection

Silencer section

Filter section
Panel type, class G1, G3, G4
Roll filter, class G2
Loose bag filter, class G4, F7, F9
Rigid bag filter, class F7, F8, F9
HEPA filter, class H10, H12-14 (for clean rooms)
Carbon filter
Electrostatic filter

Mixing section

Fan section
With forward curved blades
With backward curved blades
Impeller with aerodynamically molded blades
Direct driven PLUG fans available

Heat recovery section (recuperation)
Recuperator with auxiliary cooling circuit
Cross flow exchanger
Rotary heat exchanger
Heat pipes

Humidifying section
Steam generators
Atomized water
Spray nozzles


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