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RCUH, RCDH series [10-152 kW]

Air conditioners with water-cooled condenser and conventional radial or inverter fans have a cooling capacity from 10 to 152 kW.
Direct-cooled air conditioners with water-cooled condensers cool the air in the heat exchanger of the evaporator with a circulating refrigerant. condensation energy passes through an internal plate heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is connected to the hydraulic circuit: the well, water mains or cooling tower.

Fans of the indoor unit can be either standard radial (RC..H / .. R models) or boxless fans with EC motors (RC..H / .. P models).

The energy consumption of inverter plug-in fans with EC motors at partial loads can reach 61% compared to radial fans. Energy consumption varies according to actual heat load.

Air flow direction:

  • RCUH - air supply up
  • RCDH - air supply down

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