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About Rover

ROVER is a European trademark. ROVER main plants located in Germany and Italy produce high quality residential, light commercial and commercial equipment for a wide range of purposes.

Important components of ROVER success are professional high quality equipment, modern production technologies and, of course, a team of professionals creating, testing and supplying equipment to Russia.


  • Wide range of equipment (from residential to commercial)
  • Over 10 years of service life
  • HQC standard
  • High energy efficiency
  • Regional warehouses throughout Russia
  • Effective solutions for projects of any complexity


Success of the ROVER products has its reason in implementation of the quality program “ROVER High Quality Climate”, developed by company experts. Its requirements correspond to German industry standards. This program holds to strict quality parameters of the produced equipment and its after-sales service. Testing of each unit takes place at every stage of its production.

All ROVER equipment meets European EUROVENT standards and has ROSSTANDART Certificates of conformity. ROVER uses all modern designs and advanced technologies in production process.


Strong construction base and projects of ROVER R&D center allow producing equipment that meets both international quality standards and climate features of different geographic regions of the planet, as well as constantly improving existing types of equipment and producing completely new ones.

World latest solutions are used at ROVER plants to ensure reliable and long-term operation of climate equipment. Great importance is attached to safety, energy saving and comfort technologies.

Fast and accurate production of each component is ensured at all stages of production to guarantee high quality of competitive finished products.


We Guarantee

ROVER climate equipment has a standard annual and three-year extended manufacturer's warranty. Authorized service centers are organized to support ROVER products maintenance. Timely delivery of components and spare parts is an essential part of ROVER after-sales service.

Join Us!

ROVER is fully integrated into the cooperation and provides professional services and sales assistance to its partners.

Assortment Range

  • Residential air conditioners
  • Light commercial air conditioners;
  • Chillers
  • FCU
  • AHU
  • Heat pumps
  • Central air-conditioners
  • Ventilation
  • Accessories



ROVER trademark was founded in 1999.

Initially, the company specialized in ventilation equipment only. Later its assortment range enlarged and by 2002 the first examples of ROVER climatic equipment started to appear at the market. Central air handling units and different types of fan coil units were offered for domestic and external markets.

Russian market met the brand in 2003 and at once granted it the status of a high quality equipment manufacturer.

In 2011 the company entered the market of VRF systems. ROVER Castle VRF series was released for sales. In 2014 it appeared in Russia.

In 2012 ROVER company offered range of heating equipment for offices and industrial facilities to the market, starting with infrared heating panels, and in 2013 supplies of ROVER air curtains also started.

At the beginning of 2013 the first highly specialized elevator air conditioners came off the assembly line and by now they are very popular in Russia.

In 2014 ROVER company management made a strategic decision to launch a production of ROVER conditioners at the Russian territory. Today a considerable range of equipment is being manufactured in Russia: air curtains, split systems, air handling units of ROVER RUS series, switchboards for light commercial equipment etc.

In 2015 new generation of VRF systems – ROVER Empire with enhanced technical capabilities and better pipe length – was put into production.

In 2016 ROVER assortment range was expanded by light commercial Fort series: cassette, floor-ceiling and duct split systems. In 2017, floor standing air conditioners and ROVER Fort Inverter cassette split systems joined Fort family.

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