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Products and services

ROVER produces a wide range of equipment and accessories for the application in ventilation and air conditioning systems of different buildings. Company’s official service centers provide a 3 year warranty for all ROVER equipment. More

About company

ROVER Company (Germany) is a producer of high quality ventilation and air conditioning equipment. All ROVER branded products are designed in the Company’s own research and development center and undergo a 100% quality control at the factory laboratories. More


ROVER Company is always open for establishing new partnership relations and eager to offer a professional after-sales service and comprehensive support for the dealers. ROVER brand can greatly increase your offer value. We are looking forward for cooperating with new partners. More

ROVER History

ROVER trade mark was established in 1999.
Initially, the company specialized in ventilation equipment only. Later its assortment range enlarged and by 2002 the first examples of ROVER climatic equipment started to appear at the market. Central air handling units and different types of fan coil units were offered for domestic and external markets.
Russian market met the brand in 2003 and at once granted it the status of a high quality equipment manufacturer.
In 2011 the company entered the market of VRF systems. ROVER Castle VRF series was released for sales. In Russia it appeared in 2014.
In 2012 ROVER company offered range of heating equipment for office and manufacturing buildings to the market, starting with infrared heating panels, and in 2013 supplies of ROVER air curtains also started.
At the beginning of 2013 the first highly specialized elevator air conditioners came off the assembly line and by now they are very popular in Russia.
In 2014 ROVER company management made a strategic decision to launch a production of ROVER conditioners at the Russian territory. Today a considerable range of equipment is being manufactured at the Russian plant: air curtains, split systems, air handling units of ROVER RUS series, switchboards for light commercial equipment etc.
In 2015 new generation of VRF systems – ROVER Empire with enlarged technical capabilities and better pipe length – was put into production.